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A site for everyone living or working in our  part of The City of London

Your Members

Your Members of the Court of Common Council for Farringdon Within.

Come to a meeting

We hold regular ward meetings to meet your Councillors and Alderman, and to discuss what's going on in The City.

News & views...

Ward newsletter and other news & views from Farringdon Within.


View or comment on planning applications affecting our ward and the City.  You can create and save a search for areas that are more relevant to you.


View and comment on alcohol and entertainment license applications, along with a range of other licensed services.


Find out more about public consultations held by the City of London Corporation, and make sure your voice is heard.

News from Twitter

More news, links and information on Twitter

About our ward

Farringdon Within is on the west of the City and has one of the more unusual layouts, shaped by hundreds of years of history, making it difficult to describe.

It's split into two administrative 'sides' - North and South - connected by narrow corridor of St. Edward's Street and Little Britain, with a Deputy and further three councillors for each, though all Members are elected to cover the whole ward.

Locations of businesses participating in the Community Toilets Scheme are marked by the blue logo.

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Your Members

Farringdon Within is represented at Guildhall by our Alderman, and by eight Common Councillors, split equally between the North and South of the Ward.  Our Alderman appoints a Deputy for both North and for South.


Brendan Barns CC


Matthew Bell CC



John Edwards CC


John Foley CC


Deputy Ann Holmes


Alderman Vincent Keaveny


Florence Keelson-Anfu CC


Eammon Mullally CC

Upcoming Ward Meetings

We're holding ward get-togethers four times a year, to which anyone living or working in Farringdon Within is very welcome to attend.

Q&A and informal drinks reception for you to meet your elected representatives. For catering and security purposes, please RSVP.

No events at the moment

How to get in touch

You can contact individual Members through their linked pages above, but if you're not sure where to start or who to contact, please use the form right, or email or write to us as below.  

Please help us to keep you informed

As independent elected representatives, we freely volunteer our time.  We'd like to keep you informed and involved in as quick, easy and inexpensive way possible.  This often means collecting and using email addresses so that we can occasionally send you information on:

  • public meetings & consultations;

  • relevant licensing & planning applications;

  • City events; and

  • general news & information.

Please help us to help you, by allowing us to use your email address in this way.  You always have the option to opt-out of any email distribution list.

Are you registered to vote in Farringdon Within?

Thanks for submitting!

Write to us at: 
Members' Room, PO Box 270,

Guildhall, London, EC2P 2EJ

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