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About our website

Site objectives

This website was set up by your Common Councilmen to:

  • provide information about your Ward, Members and ways for you to get in touch with us;
  • give better access to public announcements and to other news & information which we think will be of interest and of use; and to
  • keep you informed of local news, together with the views of your Members.

Obviously, the views expressed by individual Councilmen are not always universally shared by other Councilmen representing our Ward, so it’s important to note the author of each news story that is posted.  The author’s name will be shown at the foot of the page, often together with a ‘Written by….’ on the page itself.

Also, separate views may be given in separate stories, which may be posted at different times.  Where possible, relevant and related stories will be linked together, normally using the Categories or Tags explained below, but sometimes with a link on each related page.


News & comments

All your Common Councilmen have access to post news stories on this site, and anyone can comment on a page by completing the ‘Leave a Reply‘ section at the bottom of each page.  Comments made in this way will be visible to everyone, once approved.

All new content is reviewed before being published.  If you want to make a comment to a story, you will need to supply an email address, but this will be securely stored, will only ever be used by us, and will never be published.  We may add your email address to our mailing list, and may occasionally send you a newsletter – you can unsubscribe from this at any time, using the link provided on every email, or by contacting

The data controller is Graeme Smith CC.


Finding the stories that are important to you – Categories & Tags

Each posted story will normally be labelled with one or more Category and Tag – these are shown at the foot of each posted story.  If you click on these labels, you will get a list of all other stories that have also been labelled with the same Category or Tag.

Posted stories are given relevant  Categories such as Licensing, Events, Crossrail or Councilmen to make it quick and easy to find relevant information.

In addition, posts are given  Tags which cut across Categories.  Often these relate to places or streets such as Smithfield Market or Farringdon Street, but these might also include types of stories such as Public Consultations or Street Trading.

A list of Categories can also be found in the right-hand sidebar, along with a ‘Tag Cloud‘; this shows all of the Tags on the site, and indicates the frequency of use of the Tag, by the size of the font – the larger the font, the more frequent the use of the Tag.


Page created & written by Graeme Smith CC

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