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In Our Ward: Cyber Crisis – Attack Simulation

We’ve been asked to help promote this event, being held in our ward by the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) for senior Executives, and Board Members who may not have a background in cyber security but understand it’s relevance to their business.

Membership of WCIT includes the likes of Bill Gates and Tim Berners-Lee. Part of their remit is to educate leaders on the opportunities and challenges associated with digital business. This is an opportunity to help the businesses improve their resilience to cyber attacks.

In this second edition we will simulate a cyber crisis scenario to help participants engage at Board level, to lead business recovery after defences have failed. It will cover PR, Customer Service, Finance, Human Resources, Investor Relations, and other functions that must respond effectively in a cyber crisis.

The simulation is based on learnings from over 100 major data breaches, as such it covers:
• Why shock and ambiguity are common responses in the Boardroom
• Where command & control systems are stressed after a major breach
• Who expects what, among regulators, customers, partners and police
• How the exponential growth in cyber attacks puts your job on the line
• What to do today, to protect yourself from cyber attacks of tomorrow

Should you attend, you will learn:
• The 8 instinctive errors that exacerbate cyber incidents
• The 4 gaps that stop companies responding effectively
• The 3 lies that executives tell themselves during a breach

Note on WCIT Charity: WCIT Charity donates to very worthy causes such as supporting Lifelites, Hammersmith Academy, Lilian Baylis Technology School, Thames Reach, Gresham College, AbilityNet, and The Charity IT Association. WCIT Charity supports over 35 charitable organisations, and educational establishments over the year.

This event will be relevant to the businesses in our ward, and we are very happy to assist in promoting the next Boardroom Briefings on Cyber Security. The last one held in January proved to be a successful event, and raised over £1,000 for WCIT Charity.

Please contact WCIT directly regarding this event or book through EventBrite.

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