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Cloth Fair Noise Disturbance Consultation

Cloth Fair


Following an email from a fellow voter yesterday, I found out from officers in the Department of the Build environment, that the City of London is consulting on a number of options totry to address late night disturbances in Cloth Fair due to noise.

If you occupy premises in Cloth Fair, you should have received the document below, asking for you views on the 6 suggested options below, which are more fully described in the same document.  According to officers, as of today, only 10% of the 160 letters sent out have been returned.

Cloth Fair Consutlation Pack

Please don’t miss your opportunity to have your say, and to provide information on the frequency and type of late-night noise you experience, or otherwise.  The consultation must be returned by the Friday 30 October 2015.

Obviously we are available to hear and respond to your views and concerns at anytime, and we would be interested to hear from you, individually, by emailing, or by providing a comment in the Leave a Reply section below, which we can use (as suggested by one fellow voter) as an open forum to raise and discuss any alternative options or other concerns you might have.


In addition, I’ve also asked officers to confirm why all ward members weren’t informed of this consultation, and also why no searchable record of the consultation could be found on the City website.



1 2 3
Option 1
Prohibit Parking
and Loading
Option 2
Overnight Road Closure
Option 3
Street Signage
4 5
Option 4
Reversing the One way Operation
Option 5
Overnight (11pm-7am) parking prohibition added to existing Controlled Parking Zone
Option 6
Do Nothing (Leave as it is)





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2 thoughts on “Cloth Fair Noise Disturbance Consultation

  1. Richard Latto says:

    At the West Smithfield end of Cloth Fair the main noise disturbance is generated by the tipping of large quantities of bottles into metal bins up until 12.30 or so at night.  These are then tipped, even more noisily, into the large, anonymous commercial rubbish lorries, up to 6/7 a day, which come at any time, including the middle of the night.  (There is also an even bigger lorry which delivers beer to the  pub.  This is too large to enter via Middle Street so backs in from West Smithfield with its reversing warning signal at full blast.)

    None of the proposed solutions address these problems.  Much more effective would be the scheme  in the West Smithfield Area Enhancement Strategy, recently adopted by the Corporation.  This involved the partial pedestrianisation of Cloth Fair and the narrowing down of the highway with bollards to prevent access by large lorries.  (Emergency access could still be allowed by using removable bollards.)

    Is there any news of movement in enacting the Strategic Enhancement proposals?

    • Graeme Smith CC says:


      Thanks for the comment – I’m more than happy to help to try to address these individual disturbances.  As ever, first step is to log a number of occurances so that this information can be passed on to and investigated by officers at Guildhall.  All of which will unfortunately take a little time, but is unavoidable.  If you can, record the date time and location, and any other details – I’ll be happy to work with you on this, with the right offiers.

      The results of any investigations could then be fed into this consultation, or the wider work that you enquired about regarding the Enhancement Strategy, to try to design out some of these issues.  As we all know, living in a busy City, there is always going to be the risk of some disturbances, but that’s no reason for us to accept the avoidable incidents or inconsiderate actions.

      On your last point, I’ve been waiting for a reply from officers, which I’ve now received from the Department of the Built Environment:

      The main project from the enhancement strategy that is being progressed is the Bart’s Close project. Local occupiers were consulted on these proposals in July 2015 by way of a detailed leaflet and the responses were positive. Members subsequently approved the project in September 2015.   An update letter will be sent to occupiers later this month.  Works are expected to start at the end of 2016 in coordination with the development and a Gateway 5 report setting out final costings and seeking permission to start these works will be sent to projects sub committee in May/June.

      In terms of the other projects, minor paving and tree planting improvements around Bart’s hospital are also planned. These will be coordinated with the development works and are expected to commence at the end of 2016.  Officers are also working with TfL and Crossrail to design improvements to Long Lane. These designs are at an early stage and will be reported to committees in due course. Works will need to be coordinated with the Crossrail works. Other improvements in the area are all subject to funding sources being identified.

      Also in connection with all this, you’re probably aware that there’s another consultation on the TfL’s proposals for cycle ‘Quietways’ through the City, one of which would go through Long Lane, Middle Street, Cloth Fair, south of the rotunda, Hosier Lane and then down West Smithfield to the junction with Snow Hill and Farringdon Street.  Will post something on this as soon as able.

      Thanks again for getting in touch.



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